Where to eat lunch?

My husband Tim and I struggle to settle on restaurants. My choice to become GF has only added to that struggle #itsreal

Today I tempted myself with the world of Panera. Oh the muffins, cookies, and loaves of bread… were calling my name. Instead, I picked a half Cobb salad & turkey chili. The website stated that both were GF, my stomach will decide if that is #truth or not.

This first week (I started on Monday) has been bland so I was looking for something with some FLAVOR… & perhaps less like cardboard.

Let me know if you know of GF friendly restaurants!


I am hungry

The Journey Begins!

I must begin with an honest statement… I do not WANT to be gluten free. However, my digestive system hates me.

This year I will turn 35 and have struggled with IBS, Acid reflux, and ulcers for the majority of my life so it’s a necessity. I have tried simply adjusting my diet, tons of meds (prescription and over the counter) and have had zero success.

Why gluten? I did an elimination trial last year… and it worked. The removal of gluten = happy tummy! So, here we go!

I plan to be honest & use this platform to share struggles, recipes, plans for eating out & explaining this choice to others!

Thanks for being a part of my tribe!